* G-marc Guide is not available for the time being.
We will inform you when we decide to resume it.

G-marc Guide(captioning)
■Full Program:¥1,000
 (You need to leave your personal ID to rent the device.
 No refundable deposit is needed.
 If you have no personal ID, please deposit ¥5,000.)

■Single Play:¥500
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MAKUMI (single play), See Just One Play, at the Kabukiza Theatre in Tokyo.
If you don’t have much time and a full-program seems too long and expensive, why not see a single play of Kabuki performance. You can buy the tickets for just one play only on the day you see the play at the entrance. The seats are in the rear of the theatre. G-marc Guide and programs are also available for a tantalizing glimpse of the Kabuki experience. We are looking forward to your visit and using the G-marc Guide.